Google Play client for BlackBerry 10

New model: Pay what you want!

Snap now is "pay what you want" model, where you can support the developer by paying for Snap. Snap is still free, but exclusive early access is granted to paying customers. Your support is greatly appreciated to keep Snap up and running.

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*Sideload is required. Recommended Guides:


Snap includes many features available in the Google Play Android app and is heavily inspired by the official app store for BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry World.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I login?
Check your google account username and password. If you still are unable to login, you might have 2-Step Verification on your Google account. If so, you'll need to create an application-specific password
Why do you require so many app permissions?
All app permissions are required for Snap to properly register your device with Google Play and to download apps. If you denied some permissions when installing Snap, open up the BlackBerry 10 App settings app and go to Security and Privacy > Application Permissions > Snap
Why doesn't anything happen when I click "Open Installer"?
Snap requires BlackBerry or above. These newer builds include a direct APK installer which is required for Snap to install Android apps.



  • Fix for character encoding issues introduced in


  • Fix for password with special characters
  • Fix for generic Network Error while downloading
  • Fix for crash after download completion or choosing save folder
  • Fix for Post-install behavior setting dropdown reverting to "Delete APK"
  • Fix for Email address clearing out on unsuccessful sign-in
  • Fix for some Apps not loading description/details
  • Added notification for users with OS version that does not include Android installer


  • Download previously purchased apps!
  • New layout for home screen
  • General performance improvements for remote images and API calls
  • New Login UI which includes 2-step authentication and link to Help & Privacy Policy
  • New Settings includes generated Android GSF ID, cache size, version number
  • Added ability to Specify APK download location


  • Infinite scrolling of Lists and Search results (yay more than 20 results!!)
  • Fix for small text in Recent Changes
  • General performance improvements on App page
  • Snap acts as invocation target for Google Play links (must long press and use "Open in")
  • New Feature: View "Google Play Library" available apps associated with your account that aren't installed on the device
  • Added Privacy Policy under "Help" (swipe down from top)


  • Bug Fix: Installed Apps now shows apps not available in Google Play (and also doesn't break)
  • New Feature: Categories now available
  • Enhancement: Search moved to be an action item on main page
  • Enhancement: Search text field automatically focuses now
  • fixes the Update checker showing for some users

Version 1.9

  • No longer need to care about Android GSF ID, it is now transparent to everyone
  • New Feature: Browse Top Lists
  • New Feature: My Apps - shows all Android Apps that are installed an checks for updates from Google Play
  • Enhancement: Multiple downloads at the same time! Swipe down from the top to access Downloads page
  • IMPORTANT: this build does NOT allow you to specify your own Android GSF ID, it generates one and attaches it to your Google account
  • Permissions Required: Device Identifying information and Location are both REQUIRED to generate an Android GSF ID. Shared Files permission is required to invoke the Android Installer (and allows you to clean up the downloads on your own using File Manager)